If you suffer from nail damage from Gel Polish treatment, find it hard to grow long strong natural nails or have nails that aren’t looking their best, the IBX system is a revolutionary treatment to consider.

Unlike traditional nail strengthens, IBX penetrates into the nail bed. Using a heat source and then curing, IBX becomes ingrained into the nail meaning after your treatment you can carry on with your everyday routine without any continual aftercare needed.

For ladies, gone are the days of regularly applying a strengthening top coat and remembering to take it off to avoid excessive layers of polish. For those with severe damage from Nail Enhancements will find ridges have smoothed out and nails feeling physically stronger.

For Men, finally a product that works for you! Because IBX penetrates the nail it leaves no trace of its visibility.

The IBX Treatment Process

IBX is a two bottle treatment system. On your first treatment. or if it has been longer then 6 months since your last treatment, both IBX repair and IBX original will be used together to help penetrate and seal the layers of the nail plate.

The second treatment is advised 7 days following the first treatment.

Continual treatment will vary from client to client. Additional treatment is recommended every 2 weeks thereafter for those with severe damage.


First Treatment Visit £20

Additional Treatment Visits £15

Treatment Program £60 (Includes the first treatment visit and 4 follow up treatment visits at every 2-3 weeks)

All visits include a manicure, which incorporates a massage to help stimulate blood flow and increase cell renewal. Nail Lacquer finishes are provided complementary.

OPI Gel Colour can be applied as per current prices.

Nail Biters Specialist Treatment

Here at Elbie Nails I offer a bespoke treatment package over 12 weeks to help you on your way to nails you have always wanted. Working together to help you curb the habit of biting your nails, you can be on your way to life long nails you have only dreamed about.

Every case if different so by working together I can help you understand your short term gains and long term goals. Years of biting can not be cured overnight and so a long term treatment program is just the start in this transformation as well as your desire to curb your habit. The nail growth cycle can be between 3-6 months and it will take at least 3 of these cycles as your nails learn to adhere to the nail plate and grow straight. As long as there has been no permanent damage to your nail bed – the area underneath where your nail grows – then there is no reason that within time you will have nails you have always dreamed about.

The Nail Biters Treatment Plan

There are various options to choose from but the Treatment Plan includes weekly visits over 12 weeks. You will have your choice of treatments, including Nail Enhancements, Manicures, Gel Polish and a range of finishes to help with your progress, all within the package price of the Plan. The key is too maintain nails that you have a pride in and before any lifting, chipping, picking or biting starts, keep them at their optimum appearance so all you want to do with them is to look and admire them.


Initial Consultation £20 (Not included as part of the 12 week plan) – This will include a full consultation, analysing your nails, discussion the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment and how we can make them work for you and your ultimate long term goal. No obligation is necessary to then purchase the Treatment Plan.

12 week Nail Biter Treatment Plan – Introductory Price – Was £240 Now £180 March/April 2017 Special Offer £120