Why Choose a Manicure?

A manicure can have many wonderful benefits. The primary element is to improve or maintain the appearance of your skin and nail condition. A luxury Manicure Treatment can help improve blood flow throughout your hand & nails and the hand and nail massage can provide a nourishing effect on your skin, most importantly, manicures can also being very relaxing.

It is highly beneficial for both men and women to consider regular manicures, they provide not only benefits to your skin and nail condition but the relaxing element is something that can never be re-created doing a manicure yourself.

Things to consider before having a manicure.

I believe in providing indulgent, relaxing manicures. In order to allow the experience to last as long as possible I recommend you book a treatment when you have no where to rush off too immediately after, or have any dexterous chores – gardening, computer work – to complete within 4-6 hours of the treatment.


Current Prices

File, Tidy, Polish £10

This is a wet soak treatment to allow the softening and improved appearance of cuticles

Luxury Manicure £25

This is a highly indulgent treatment using a combination of up to 6 soaks, creams, scrubs & lotions

Additional Complementary Options

  • Hot Oil – Ideal for dry, brittle nails and cuticles
  • Heated Mitts – Ideal for hands needing extra TLC