Elbie Nails is excited to introduce OPI Gel Color to its treatment menu, the long term option to nail colour.

OPI Gel Color goes on just like normal nail polish, but each layer is cured under a UV or LED lamp. It doesn’t end up looking thick, it looks just like a normal colour. OPI Gel Color continues however to remain glossy and opaque throughout the duration of its wear. They are super highly pigmented and last a lot longer than normal lacquers.

Each layer is applied to the nail in the usual way, then it needs to be set from 1-3 minutes per layer under a UV light, 30 seconds per layer under an LED lamp. After a base coat, two layers of colour and one layer of top coat, you walk out with perfect nails that are already dry – yes, you can use your hands straight after, and not waiting for half an hour or longer for them to dry!

Complete removal is required every 2-3 weeks due to the appearance of visible nail growth; it is not advised to keep any kind of gel polish on longer then this duration due to a possible increased length in removal time and the potential for staining to occur on the natural nail. Regular OPI Gel Color manicures will not damage your natural nail and can in fact help with natural nail growth and strength providing the proper Home Care maintenance is followed and maintained.


Current Prices

OPI Gel Color manicure £20

OPI Gel Color pedicure £20