Why Nail Enhancements?

Lifestyle, time, genetics….. All play a part in our ability to grow and maintain long, strong nails. In times when you aren’t so fortunate in growing long, healthy, strong nails, Enhancements can really benefit.

Technology has come along way from the days of causing long term damage to your nails, enhancements are now a great way to allow your natural nail to grow without the dreaded breakage.

Maintenance is recommended every 2-3 weeks, this will allow your enhancements to stay at its peak strength and avoid damage to your natural nail.

I currently offer both Acrylic and UV Hard Gel nail Enhancements. Also available is Silk/Fibreglass enhancements, ideal for clients who can grow their nails but require a little additional strength.

Please refer to price list for current prices

Are you a Nail Biter?

Then consider a natural nail overlay. I offer a special Course specifically for Nail Biters to allow your natural to grow and for you to show off healthy looking nails in 10 weeks (outcome can vary on individual cases)

**NEW** Nail Biter Treatment Course 

This is a 10 week course. Week 1 is your first overlay and with a colour of your choice. Weeks 2/4/6&8 consist of mini hand massages, cuticle maintenance and a new choice of polish, weeks 3/5/7&9 consist of infills and a new choice of polish. Week 10 is removal of your overlay, a mini manicure and another choice of polish for you.

Please Note. Assessment of your nails is obligatory for this Treatment, this will ensure you have no underlying medical conditions that could cause any complications and that you qualify for this course.

Nail Biter Rehabilitation – £120


Although there is no need to remove your Nail Extensions, occasionally there maybe reason to do so. Here at Elbie Nails I believe in providing a full Treatment to give the maximum benefits to your natural nails. All removal treatments include a mini manicure, this includes tidying your cuticles, shaping your natural nails and the use of heated mitts. to finish a treatment base coat will be used along with a colour of your choice from the OPI Infinite Shine range, providing you with up to 11 days continuous wear.

Removal – £20

Please note:

This applies to enhancements that have been applied by Elbie Nails and selected salons only.

Enhancements applied by Non-Standard Salons (NSS) will incur a charge of £30 this is due to the time and products needed to safely remove the product used in these Salons.