Have you checked out this months offers yet from Elbie Nails?

Have you seen one of those offers is the revolutionary Nail Treatment  IBX?

No?… Well here’s why you should.

The IBX System is a revolutionary, one of its kind product, that can build & restore your natural nail health.

It is not a Top Coat, it is not a Gel product & it isn’t a traditional strengthening nail polish. It’s something so much better and out preforming everything else available.


Well, although applied in a similar fashion to a Gel Polish Manicure the heat generated during the Treatment ensures the product penetrates into the layers, pits & ridges of the nail Plate leaving a smooth canvas behind once the Treatment has finished.* 

And with no visible traces of the product when Treatment has finished this makes it a great product for both women & men!

It doesn’t stop there, IBX continues to work for up to 2 weeks where you can visibly see ridges in your nails disappear over the course of days. Working much like double sided sticky tape it will help flaky, splitting, peeling nails and give you those strong natural nails you’ve always desired.

Sound to good to be true, it’s not! This system really is the miracle in a bottle!

Here at Elbie Nails I’m very skeptical of products that claim to do such things but after attending training for this product & having a Treatment done on myself, including a follow-up. I am absolutely thrilled at what this product can do for clients with weak, brittle, ridged, troublesome nails.

To read more about my training and experiences with IBX. click here

You may not have heard of this product because while Gel Products tend to have the same set of instructions to follow, without the required training the IBX system just won’t work.

Here at Elbie Nails my mission is to provide clients the ability to grow healthy, natural nails, so for me this product and its training were essential in order for me to deliver a service that I know so many people need.

For all of this months offers and to view the IBX Speacial Offer please click here

I look forward to hearing from you soon x

*Results may vary depending of severity of damage to Nail prior to first Treatment. More then one Treatment is usually recommended. A full consultation will be carried out to discuss outcomes & desired end results.


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